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Thanks to the long-term, structural help of its Sponsoring Companies, KBS is better able to perform its educational mission of advancing the management field and turning projects into a reality. They cooperate in the development of short and long-term projects including research programs, development of junior faculty members who are sent abroad to study for their doctorates, the library development, financing scholarships and the construction of new buildings.

Ways to Give or Lend

KBS’s purpose is to develop business leaders with the vision and magnanimity to lead companies that make a positive and transformational impact on business and society.

You can make a difference to help us make this happen. Every step forward brings the humanistic view of people and leadership to a wider audience and deepens our positive impact. By widening our reach, we will be better positioned to provide relevant and high quality educational programs for today’s and tomorrow’s African business leaders.

KBS is setting its sights on ensuring sustainable growth and international competitiveness. To achieve this, we need your help. Developing a high quality business school like KBS is a capital intensive exercise. In order to fund the development of our faculty and facilities, KBS needs donors and lenders who believe in our mission to step forward and help us every day to make our dream a reality.


You can help KBS develop buildings and facilities to house the educational needs of its programs and the business community, and to become a hub for executive education training and a meeting point for alumni to maintain their close ties to each other and to the school.


Contributions can be made for different areas of a building and named after the sponsor:


  • State-of-the-art lecture rooms enhanced with the latest multimedia technologies

  • Meeting and board rooms

  • Dining and cafeteria areas

  • Library with specialised books on management, electronic journals and newspapers

  • Offices for faculty, researchers and staff


Rigorous and relevant research and the generation of new ideas is a strategic priority for KBS.


Through your sponsoring of research centres and academic chairs, the school’s faculty is able to contribute significant findings to academia and companies across all business disciplines with new:


  • Cases

  • Technical notes

  • Teaching documents

  • Scientific papers in refereed journals

  • Books & book chapters

  • Other research output

One of the priorities of KBS’ development is to develop a local faculty of high quality.


You can fund student grants and scholarships so as to attract management and academic talent to professor roles and to support them in their doctoral studies at world-leading universities and business schools in Europe and the United States.

Annual Giving

Your gift will help to develop future business leaders to make a positive impact on companies and society.


You can choose to make regular annual contributions in any amount, without restriction on how the donation will be used. These will go to support KBS’ general operations and activities.

You can make your contribution now:


  • Check to
    Kinshasa Business School
    59, avenue des Monts Virunga
    Gombe, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • Wire transfer to
    Kinshasa Business School
    ProCredit Bank PRCBCDKI
    Account 1301 1410 4738 1200
    4b, Avenue des Aviateurs
    Gombe, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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If you would like to discuss your sponsoring with us, please send us a message and we will reach out to you.


To thank them for their invaluable support, KBS offers its sponsoring companies a series of distinctive benefits & services, such as (among others) those of the Alumni Association.

How You Benefit

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